Relay 101

Learn about the basics of Relay

Relay is a collaborative workflow automation tool for creating and running recurring operational playbooks. Through automations and assists, Relay makes sure that things will get done on time, every time!

Relay integrates with the tools you’re already using to automate repetitive tasks, meaning less work for your team, and more consistent results.

How does it work?

The two most important concepts to understand in Relay are playbooks and runs.

  • A playbook is a “blueprint” of a workflow, outlining all the steps that need to happen over and over again when this workflow is run.

  • A run is a specific “instance” of a Playbook, helping you and your team keep track on what needs to be done while the mundane steps are automated. Runs can be started manually or triggered automatically

Triggers and Automations

Relay integrates with the tools and apps your team already uses, to supercharge your playbooks. Relay can automatically triggers runs for a playbook when an event happens in another app (e.g. when a lead changes status in your CRM) and can perform automated actions on behalf of you in those same apps.

Plus, all the basics

Everything you'd expect from a workflow management tool – roles (templated assignees), conditional steps and sections, customizable notifications and task delegation